Water bottle and Drinking Reminder with Smart Spray Humidifier

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Innovative Water Spray, Lower The Ambient Temperature, Movement Good Helper
Leakage Proof Design. No Leaking. No Smell
Remind to Drink Water--This smart reminder water Spray Bottle is a perfect summer sports mate for summer camp outings,cycling,Climbing,running, yoga, outdoor activities. Smart water bottle reminds you to drink in 2 hours.
Water Bottle Spray--The spray mist water bottle is fantastic! Water mist spray bottle provides the fine mist for you to cool off oily skin in summer; to moisture dry skin in winter and autumn; and being a humidifier for your room in every season!Slide down the switch to spray, slide up to stop spraying. Easy to use!
Water Bottle with SOS--Especial SOS design for those cyclist,runner,climber, traveler etc.The SOS indicator lighting for a guide lamp,seek for help in danger,even emergency parking on the rode. Simply press the power button you will see this sports water bottle is different from the rest in the market.
Unique water bottle with LED Light--It lasts 7 hours lighting. When everything is black,then it helps! Turn on the LED lamp to light up the surroundings,your tent,your room, put it on the table to help you to read the map and find the route home.
The smart sport water bottle reminds you to drink, the fine mist cool you off, moisture your skin and the air in your room and help you to see things at night.
Burst Bottle Is Not Easy, Economical And Durable
Easy To Carry And Easy To Use Fashion Household Items
How to make it spray:
1. Open up the sprayer on the bottom to add clear water into the sprayer tank.
2. Slide down the switch to spray.
3. Slide up to stop spraying.
How to set Remind-to Drink: 
Long press the power button for 2 seconds you will hear D D and you will see the light flash blue for twice.
Two hours later, you will hear 5 times D D sound and the bottle will flash blue for 5 minutes to remind you to drink. If you want to stop this function after turned it on, please press the power button for 2 seconds to turn it off.
Lighting Function: Press the power button to activate the lighting, press again for the SOS signal.